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Swimming Safety Tips

Posted by admin VIP    07/19/2012 09:23 AM

Most of us love to go swimming to get some refreshment on those steaming hot summer days but there are some inherent dangers while we're in the water that can be avoided with just a little knowledge. We are not fish and when we enter the water we are putting ourselves in an environment that is somewhat foreign, so some basic tips on safety can be very valuable to having a pleasant experience.

Weather we are swimming in a pool or at the beach some basic safety tips include:

Follow The Rules – All public beaches and pools have rules that must be followed so it is important that everyone follow them for the safety of oneself and others.

Keep an eye on kids – even strong swimmers can need assistance and if you need to leave the area, take your child with you.

Know where the safety equipment is located – At a pool make sure you are aware of where the flotation devices are located as well as first-aid material. On the beach, identify where the lifeguards are located.

Stay within the designated swimming area – It is vitally important that individuals stay within the designated swimming area so they are able to be seen if something goes wrong.

Heed any warnings – If there are current water safety warnings in place, pay attention to them and don’t swim if it is considered dangerous for any reason. It’s not worth it.

Know your own limits – Don’t swim farther than you are able. The water can change and you may be put into a dangerous situation.

Along with these basic swimming safety tips, NOAA and the National Weather Service has put together a website outlining  Rip Current Safety  for those people who enjoy swimming at ocean beaches. The ocean is a great place to cool off though things can change quickly and it’s important to know what to do. Take a look at this rip current safety video that NOAA has put together and enjoy your time in the water.

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