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Wedding Season is upon us. Time to Celebrate!

Posted by admin VIP    04/27/2012 08:06 AM

WeddingSo here we are with another beautiful spring and with it comes wedding season. As the trees become green once again and the flowers display their ornate colors, a magnificant backdrop is created for those couples looking to tie-the-knot. So how do you and your partner protect yourselves from unforeseen events?

First, congratulations on your special day! A good place to start is to insure your engagement ring and wedding bands. This can be accomplished by adding these specific items to your homeowners policy or renters policy using a personal article floater. This will protect these items if they are lost, stolen or even damaged. These are a wonderful investment and should be protected.

Next, insure your wedding. Most people don't know that they can insure their wedding. Maheu Insurance has a very inexpensive way to insure that they do not lose their deposits due to such things as sickness, weather or if the venue goes bankrupt (cold-feet not included). Suppose your wedding dress does not arrive on time or the band or photographer doesn't show up. These deposits can be insured. Wedding insurance can also protect your wedding gifts from theft the day of the wedding. Another important coverage is property damage protection. If the venue is damaged from some unfortunate event that occurs at your wedding, this would be covered.

It's also important to do some research. Look on the internet for local vendors and check their referances before you hire them.

After the wedding there are some additional things that should be considered. 

  • Update your benefits and beneficiaries. Review your life insurance policies and if you don't already have one than it might be a good investment in your future. Also check the beneficiaries on your retirement accounts. 
  • Review your homeowners and auto insurance policies. Combining these together can often offer some substantial discounts.
  • Consider buying an Umbrella Insurance policy.

Don't let an unfortunate and potentially costly event put a damper on your special day. This is a memory that will last you forever so protect that memory with the proper coverage.

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