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Let’s Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season

Posted by admin VIP    11/27/2012 09:37 AM

Christmas season is a joyous time of year and to celebrate it, millions of people all over the world Christmas Treeset up Christmas trees in their homes and decorate them with ornaments and lights. If you are using a natural tree than there are some important considerations that can help prevent a dangerous situation from occurring.


The U.S. Fire Administration has put together a great website explaining the various matters to consider when caring for your Christmas tree. They indicate that watering your tree to keep it fresh and moist rather than dry is of utmost importance. A dry tree can be a dangerous tree. They also point out that selecting the right tree is essential given that a fresh tree will last longer and can reduce the possibility of a fire hazard. There is a video on the website that demonstrates what happens when fire touches a well maintained tree and a dry tree.

The placement of your tree in the home can also make a difference. Placing a tree near a heat source can dry it out quickly making it more flammable. Another thing to consider is the disposal of your tree following the holiday season. This should be done by removing it from your home and taking it to a recycle center or having it hauled away. A dead tree lying around is flammable material.


The USFA website also mentions several other factors that are very significant to maintain a safe environment. Some of those include:


  • Maintain Your Holiday Lights
  • Do Not Overload Electrical Outlets
  • Do not leave holiday lights on unattended!
  • Use Only Nonflammable Decorations
  • Don't Block Exits
  • Never Put Wrapping Paper in the Fireplace
  • Avoid Using Lit Candles
  • Never Put Lit Candles on a Tree


The National Fire Protection Association has put together a nice PDF file illustrating some of these important tips. Print it for the whole family to see and have a safe and happy holiday season.

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